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Super Visa
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Super Visa

Medical Insurance Required for Super Visa: 

  1. The coverage must be for a minimum of $100,000
  2. The policy must have a minimum duration of one year.
  3. Refunds will be provided if you are unable to obtain a Visa for Entry to Canada, so long as the reason is beyond your control.
  4. If you leave Canada before one year is up, you can get a refund on the unused balance (so long as there are no pending claims and the balance owing is more than $25).
  5. JF Premium Visitor does cover pre-existing health conditions that are “stable” for 120 days prior to the effective date. “Stable” means that there is no change in medication, no pending tests from the doctor, no information from the doctor that anything has changed with respect to their pre-existing health condition.There are also other insurance company policies does NOT cover pre-existing health conditions, which may be less expensive.  however, only healthy people should apply for this coverage. Click herefor Manulife's policy not covering pre-existing health conditions. 
  6. Deductibles can be used to save on the total premium
  • $50 - 5% savings
  • $3,000 - 30% savings
  1. If you decide to stay for more than one year, then you will need to purchase a new VTC policy 8 days before the expiry of the old policy.
TIC – JF Optimum Visitor Plans for Super Visa --- $0 Deductible
Effective Date Dec.12, 2011
Rate Schedule 1- Daily Rates
With Stable Pre-existing Medical Condition Coverage
Rate Schedule 2 - Daily Rates
Without Stable Pre-existing Medical Condition Coverage
Sum Insured Options
Sum Insured Options
Up to 25
Age 86 and over: $500 Deductible

Minimum policy premium: $25

Deductible: For applicants age 85 or younger, you may select
1)$50 CAD deductible for a 5% saving on the Daily Rates.
2)$3,000 CAD deductible for a 30% saving on the Daily Rates.

Family Rates are 2x the Daily Rates based on the oldest member of the family. Coverage dates must be the same for all family members and all family members must live at the same address while in Canada.
*The family rate includes the applicant, their spouse, parent, step-parent or legal guardian age 60 or under, and their dependent children under age 22.Type Content Here

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