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As a small business owner, a significant part of your wealth may be tied up in your company. Even though you have maximized contributions to your RRSP or pension plan, you would like more flexibility and choice regarding your retirement lifestyle. In addition, you and your corporation need permanent life insurance protection. You are looking for a financial planning strategy that will address both your current need for insurance and your future need for flexibility when you retire.

An option to consider – the Corporate Insured Retirement Program with Shareholder Borrowing

With this financial planning strategy, your corporation deposits funds into a permanent life insurance policy in excess of the amount required to cover the insurance and other policy costs. In the future, your corporation assigns the policy to financial institution as collateral for a personal loan to you. By having your corporation purchase the life insurance policy and use it in this manner, you address your needs for permanent life insurance protection today and flexibility at retirement.

Who is it for?

Shareholders of a private Canadian corporation who:
• have corporate funds to invest
• are in good health
• need permanent life insurance protection
• want to supplement retirement income
• are receptive to long term planning strategies
• are not averse to debt

Why does it work?

• provides life insurance protection (i.e., buy-sell funding,
capital gains tax liability)
• creates cash value that grows on a tax-deferred basis
• provides security for the loan
• provides flexibility for structuring personal or corporate loans
• insurance proceeds repay loan at death
• insurance proceeds generate a credit to the corporation’ s Capital Dividend Account
• insurance proceeds in excess of loan balance available to your client’ s estate

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